What type of music do you play?

We have a large repertoire of popular jazz and swing classic songs from the last 100 years ranging from older standards to more modern songs played in our unique Destination Swing style.

What are your requirements?

We require one 13amp socket close by to where we are set up. Playing outside is always a tricky situation. If you would like us to play outside, suitable cover needs to be provided as we have expensive instruments that need to be protected from the elements and for safety reasons, our guitar amps need to be sheltered from potential rain.

Do you do requests?

We can play requested songs for specific parts of the ceremony. For the most part of the performance, it is best to let us choose the song list as with our extensive repertoire and years of experience we can taylor the music to best suit the day.

Are you insured?

Yes we have full public liability insurance.

How long do you play for?

Our maximum performance time is for three hours with breaks. We can play for longer although would have to charge more if this is required. The three hour period cannot be split into two sessions with a long break in between as we often have another engagement to attend. If this situation is required, we would have to charge more to cover the extra time.

Are you too loud to play through the Wedding breakfast?

Not at all! Having no drums means that we can play as quietly as you like. Many of the engagements we play at are during the meal which adds a touch of sophistication and class without being too loud for people to talk over.

Do you take long to set up?

We are a very compact unit and can set up very quickly and quietly. There is nothing worse than having equipment taking ages to set up with annoying sound checks. We make minimum noise when setting up and breaking down our equipment and you will certainly not be hearing “one, two, testing… ” before a performance!

Can we meet at the venue before hand to discuss your performance?

We have played at hundreds of venues throughout the country and have many years of experience in playing at Weddings. It will not be necessary to meet up before the date as we will make sure everything goes smoothly from our point of view on the day. We only need to agree the playing time and where we are to set up.

What do you wear?

We always dress in tuxedos. Sophisticated dress to match sophisticated music!

Do you take up much room?

Not at all. We have two small guitar amplifiers that sit neatly behind us. We even bring our own matching stools that take up less room than most conventional chairs.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Unfortunately the deposit is non returnable.

I want to learn to play the guitar/sax, do you teach?

We are all professional musicians who teach as well as perform. Check out our personal web sites on the links page for details.

Do you play music to Dance to?

We generally play background music that is perfectly suited to add sophistication without being a distraction. We do often have guests dancing to our music although we are not a dance band per se.

I already have a disco booked so do I need a jazz trio?

Many couples only think about music in the evening. Many of the Weddings that we play at are during the reception or Wedding breakfast and there is a disco in the evening. It works exceptionally well to have a live band to create a great atmosphere during the daytime even if you have a disco in the evening.


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